Sex Toys Are Gradually Developing into a Large Industry with a Market Size of Tens of Billions of Dollars

Erotic toys have always had a strong market demand. In 2020, the global market size of the erotic toys market is $33.64 billion, an increase of about 26% compared to 2019, while North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific have become the main sales regions of erotic toys. In North America, the sales scale of sex toys ranked first in the world, occupying more than 33% of the global market share, the Asia-Pacific region’s sales of sex toys to win the growth rate of the world’s highest growth rate of region, such as 2020, India, sex toys market demand has increased by more than 60%. Compared with the U.S. market, the purchasing power of European consumers is stronger, 70% of Italian consumers surveyed said they would buy and use sex toys, and they prefer high-end sex toys.Such a sizable increase has a lot to do with the impact of social isolation policies during COVID-19

, and some data analytics firms have also found during their research that the public’s attitudes towards erotic toys have shifted in many ways as a result of the epidemic. “The use of erotic toys was a healthy and safe form of comfort during social isolation,” “The excessive risk of going out on dates during the epidemic made the use of erotic toys a matter of course,” are the types of voices that legitimize the use of erotic toys Explanation.

Segmentation of various groups, partners become the main consumers

The market for erotic toys has undergone a sea change in recent years. As the user group began to refine from the public to all kinds of groups, adult products have also been slowly derived from the early, simple family planning products to enrich and satisfy personalized needs. At present, couples, couples have become the main consumers of erotic toys. In addition, sex toys also provide a new way for relatively single people and people without sexual partners to improve the quality of sex life. Consumers with sexual partners have a greater demand for adult products such as sex toys. According to CBNDate consumer data, 74% of consumers understand and buy sex toys in order to enhance their partner’s pleasure and freshness, thus improving the quality of their sex life. Among them, the consumption of erotic products by married people far exceeds that of unmarried people, and compared to the attention and research on female orgasm in the erotic products industry in recent years, male orgasm has also become a relatively easy to be ignored market. According to the market consumption trend, inexpensive silicone sex toys are still the single product for male consumers, but along with the awakening of male self-consciousness and the demand for quality of orgasm, more diversified male erotic play counties will be a niche industry worth exploring by sellers.In addition, unlike other sex toys, sex dolls with human figures are of particular interest to sexual minorities, including bisexual, gay, and transgender people. Some specialized sex doll searches have soared in recent years. There are also products for the LGBTQ+ community, such as prostate massagers and insertion toys (e.g., anal plugs, inflatable dolls for gays and lesbians, wearable penises, etc.), that sellers should also focus on.

Eco-Friendly and Curiosity Become Mainstream Trends in Sex Toys

In Europe, consumers are paying more attention to “environmentally friendly” and “sustainable” adult products. According to the market research results issued by LOVEHONEY, one of the giants of the British erotic products group, with the rise of consumers’ concern about the materials of intimate products (such as glass, metal, environmentally friendly bio-plastics, pure synthetic leather, etc.), production process and other factors, the durability of the products and the degree of environmental friendliness (whether the materials are degradable or not, and whether they can be recharged for recycling, etc.) have become one of the important factors of whether to buy the products. The durability and environmental friendliness of products (whether the material is degradable, whether it is rechargeable and recyclable, etc.) have become one of the important factors for purchasing products. And the shape of hunting, special form of erotic products is also one of the popular trend of erotic products in recent years. Many simulated shapes such as bananas, eggplants, roses, birds and other shapes have been applied to the design of sex toys, and have received good market feedback. For example, a female vibrator in the shape of a rose was a hit on the social media platform TIKTOK, with 170 million views of the video with the hashtag #rosetoy. It should be noted that more consumers nowadays on the “low noise” of the demand for sex products in the gradual rise, especially through the Bluetooth connection or can be remote control of the sex products more and more favored by consumers in the market. It is not difficult to find, “high-tech” sex toys in the future or will change the existing market pattern, sellers can start from the market demand point, the existing products for intelligent micro-innovation, to create a point of difference. On the other hand, with the penetration of the secondary culture, including the “Internet aborigines” after the millennials, the identification of anime, games and other ACG elements have a great impact, and at the same time, drive the market demand for related products, PornHub in 2021 released the station’s annual search term PornHub’s annual ranking of “HENTAI” in 2021 also supports this trend.Today, in the popularity of an erotic products blind box subscription model, mainly through different segments of the audience, to provide such as couples blind box (heterosexual/gay) lesbian) and self-use blind box (male/female), which can contain toys, lubricants, and other small accessories such as a combination of gift packages, firmly grasp the part of the consumer to explore the mystery of the psychology.

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