Why Feedback is Vital for Deepening Intimacy

Many people in intimate relationships default to the idea that their partner knows what they like or need. Such an idea is very naive, but in reality, many people overlook the importance of communication. Many studies have shown that clear communication and feedback can greatly contribute to a fulfilling intimate relationship and sex life. Communication doesn’t only mean verbal communication, body language can also help you and your partner to maintain clear communication.

The point of communication is to give each other timely feedback and let each other know how you feel and how you are feeling during intimate activities. It allows you to find out how the other person is reacting physically and psychologically so that you can understand each other better and have a better sexual experience.

The Importance of Feedback in Sexual and Romantic Relationships

Whether or not you give each other timely feedback during intimate activities has a significant impact on sexual satisfaction. If your partner is silent during sex, has her eyes closed, and is unresponsive to your caresses and intercourse, this can make you wonder if you are satisfying each other, and reduce your sexual arousal, gradually losing interest. If you and your partner interact positively, she praises you when you make her feel satisfied, points out and encourages you when you don’t do well enough, and teaches you how to stimulate her sensitive areas in the right way. This not only enhances the physical pleasure, but also increases the psychological satisfaction and lets you know your partner is enjoying it.

These two very different experiences just illustrate the importance of feedback. For some shy or sexually inexperienced people, saying how they feel or expressing their desires during sex can be a very difficult thing to do, but feedback brings us a lot of benefits, as long as you are brave enough to take the first step, you can effectively strengthen the emotional connection between you.

Providing Constructive Feedback to Your Partner
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Not everyone knows how to provide their partner with the right feedback and allow them to make timely adjustments. During sex, pleasure is constantly changing, and when and how people get pleasure changes differently over time. That’s why it’s important to maintain constant feedback during sex.

If you don’t know how to give constructive feedback for a while, start with positive remarks. Instead of blaming or criticizing the other person, try saying something gentle and encouraging, such as “Come on, a little deeper” or “I’m almost there, a little harder”. Positive words convey positive emotions and make the person feel more confident and willing to put in the effort.

Dealing with a Partner’s Difficulty in Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback in an intimate relationship can present certain challenges as you need to let the other person know about your problems in a gentle and non-hurtful way, without using overly aggressive language or an unfriendly attitude, which may make your partner lose their sense of security and trust, and your relationship may break down as a result.

Choose an appropriate time to talk to each other about how you feel about each other, preferably after a sexual experience, when both partners are over the sexual state and feel relaxed, is the best time to talk to each other. At these times you can properly put forward some constructive comments, and be careful not to use excessive language or abusive language, which will make the other party feel angry or aggrieved.

Each person’s body is unique, so there is not a certain way of sex that applies to everyone, only in the process of sex life and each other constantly exchange each other’s views and preferences, to establish a good sex atmosphere for each other.

Listen to your partner and try to understand their feelings. Let them know their strengths and weaknesses in sex, and think of yourselves as a team, and only by working together for a good sex life can you have a more pleasurable experience of exploration.

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