Why is Sex Education Necessary and When Should It Start? Parents Need to know

“Mommy, where did I come from?” My daughter suddenly asked me this question when she was 3 years old, and I felt embarrassed. For a moment, I couldn’t speak; I didn’t know how to answer my child’s question. Then I said sheepishly, “You came out of your mommy’s tummy.”

I am sure many parents have experienced this embarrassing problem. When we see some primary and secondary school students with sexy and glamorous pendants hanging from their school bags, our first reaction is that the child must be a bad boy. Unbeknownst to us, it has never occurred to us that the times are developing rapidly, sex topics are being publicized and discussed, and sex education can be embedded at an early age.

There are times when my daughter tells me, “Mother, when I grow up I want to marry my brother.” Suddenly I feel it’s time to pass on to her the specialized knowledge of sex education that blood relatives are not allowed to consummate a marriage.

Why is sex education for children a must?

In today’s society, along with the use of Internet technology, television sets, and cell phones on which information content is fully transparent in terms of aspect ratio, more and more videos of intimate and uninterrupted action are presented to young people, resulting in children’s sexually mature logical thinking. They will be surprised by the marriage relationship between men and women. Coupled with parents’ lack of gender knowledge, they will be ashamed to talk to their children about gender knowledge, which will result in their children’s irrational attempts and ultimately cause adverse effects.

Good sex education for children helps them acquire basic knowledge about sex and relationships, raises their awareness of health and safety, and fosters positive attitudes and values about sex. And it has a clear effect in preventing sex crimes and sexual abuse. In addition, sex education can provide knowledge about the prevention and protection against diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS, and help children understand how to take preventive measures to protect their health.

Sex education for children should start as early as possible

Some parents may say, “My child is only 3 years old, so I don’t need sex education. In fact, sex education is very necessary, and the sooner the better. At the age of 2, a child develops a basic sense of gender and categorizes people into two main groups: boys and girls. When he is 3 years old, he can imitate his parents and a variety of other characters, and at this time, we can show the child sex education picture books.

People underestimate the sexuality of children and adolescents. People always think that they need to be 17 or 18 years old before they can have sex, but the current reality is that primary and secondary school students already have signs. Sex education should start from childhood, but focus on the period of puberty, in puberty of children’s sexual needs are ignorant, very easy to make mistakes, so the puberty of children’s sex education is very important. Nowadays, the Internet is developed, and many adolescent children to satisfy their curiosity and sexual pleasure, will look for pornographic resources on the Internet or even buy and use a variety of sex toys.

Sex education for children requires a 3-pronged effort

Sex education for children should be carried out by schools, parents, and social development together to gain a firm foothold. The three-pronged approach of parents, institutions, and social development to sex education for children can better assist children in developing logical thinking of “red”, “yellow” and “green” in human body parts. The signal light is a regular physical contact, and the signal light is a regular physical contact. The signal light is regular body contact, such as waving; the yellow light is embracing and holding hands among loved ones; the green light is part of a private message; and the red light is touching one’s private parts. This creates a better sense of self-protection for the child.

Many parents feel that sex education is important because it assists their children to be better able to avoid sexual abuse. This is a one-sided understanding. In the first place, it allows the child to face itself more clearly. It allows the child to have a very good grasp of every developmental aspect of his or her own body, allowing the child to have a massive grasp of self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, and a sense of prevention. Secondly, it is beneficial to the development trend of interpersonal communication. There are physiological shifts that she is too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about that are likely to be revealed to a good friend. This shows that she trusts the other very much and their influence will be very intimate. As is the case with many adolescent children, there are many things that they do not want to say to their parents, but they will confess to their friends. This is also an objective fact. Thus, we can not simply think that sex education is to avoid sexual abuse, but it is also important for self-awareness and good social development trends.

In the end, I highly value the inclusion of sex education in the basic curriculum for children and adolescents, and sexual abuse is not easily abated when your children are too young. Children are the future, and their physical well-being must be a mutual concern of parents, institutions, and the times. Therefore, please put aside the inexplicable obstacles that we all are ashamed to discuss sex education, reduce and cope with this damage originating from social development, and give your children a safe and colorful childhood!

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